"Old retail" is dead. It’s being replaced by a new, vibrant retail world with a new customer base of demanding, tech-savvy consumers who grew up on digital. Can those customers help fuel growth? Yes, but only for retailers who are ready to meet those customers’ increasing demands for new ways of shopping, innovative delivery methods, and fast, customized service. 

For too many years, retailers have been focused on reducing costs, improving efficiency and reducing waste. That’s not a winning strategy – not with profit margins tighter than ever, market share being eroded by digital-native competitors and stock being constantly discounted. 

Now is the time for retailers to embrace technology innovation to drive profitable growth. Technology can give you the actionable, real-time insights you need to make smart, proactive decisions. It can also help you eliminate silos across the organization, encouraging IT, e-commerce, sales and supply chain operations to work together more efficiently and in true collaboration. 

At Hitachi Consulting, we understand the advantages that real-time data and insights bring to retail. And we have innovative solutions to address your challenges surrounding growth, margins, full-price sell-through, inventory volumes and costs, supply chain optimization, national living wage and moving to the cloud.

Future-proof your supply chain

Hitachi Consulting is helping Wolseley improve the visibility and planning of stock across the company’s entire supply chain. Centralized planning and stock management is reducing operational costs and making Wolseley more agile – and competitive.

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Wiggle winning globally

To become a global e-retail leader, UK-based Wiggle needed a scalable, industry-leading digital platform. The solution? A unified, cloud-based platform and services from Hitachi Consulting.

The new retail reality

Retail Costs & Operations

Nearly three-quarters of consumers are dissatisfied with their digital experience. How do you compete with pure-play online operators to build customer share? You need a scalable and industry-leading digital platform to drive business growth and create better customer experiences.

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Going from good to great

In under 12 weeks, Hitachi Consulting built a new collaboration and reporting portal for Mitchells & Butlers. The user-friendly solution makes it easier to monitor, manage and communicate with over 1,600 pubs and restaurants.

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Cloud migrations drive growth

AutoZone and Iteris share a business focus on transportation. In this blog and webinar, they also share insights from the highly successful cloud migrations they undertook with Oracle and Hitachi Consulting.

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Retail & Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality

Retail and hospitality face unprecedented challenges, and Hitachi has the vision, experience and digital innovations to address them. From cloud services to loss prevention, our next-gen solutions drive business growth.

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Collaboration makes operations more efficient and people focused