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Predict customer value

In many emerging markets, mobile penetration continues to rise reaching all-time highs with millions of subscribers. Yet mobile network operators face challenges increasing their revenue potential.

Predict Customer Value

Manual and outdated customer acquisition processes burden mobile network operators with costs that are too high. Market trends and customer usage are changing as customers migrate to over-the-top data applications, creating less visibility for mobile network operators. As a result, companies are distracted by cost management and are less able to focus on growth and innovation.

Hitachi Mobile Analytics addresses these challenges by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring the power of data to mobile network operators. It predicts customer value as an alternative to traditional credit scoring, and creates future enterprise value by enabling more informed sales and marketing investments.

Hitachi Consulting Mobile Analytics

Innovative science drives enterprise value

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Improve customer experience with streamlined processes

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Drive customer growth, profitability, and return on investment

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Gain operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs

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Create new data monetization opportunities

Mobile network operators benefit from dramatically improved customer experiences resulting from streamlined processes that lessen their customers’ effort and enhance their satisfaction. Hitachi Mobile Analytics enhances the capabilities and efficiencies of your sales team, leading to increased sales, job satisfaction and retention. The solution allows you to improve your financial performance through smarter marketing investments, You can realize increased return on investment (ROI) through targeted offers with appropriate subscriber acquisition spend relative to predicted customer value. Additionally, you can use the scoring platform to lead your company to new revenue stream opportunities.

How does Mobile Analytics work?

Hitachi Mobile Analytics predicts future customer value by drawing on network operator data along with Hitachi’s cutting-edge data science and algorithms to enable mobile network operators to make more informed sales and marketing investments.

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